Seed Projects

“There are so many things we would like to do, but we lack the resources.” This quote sums up the lament of many Christian leaders in the face of a number of issues that go unresolved in their communities. Despite these challenges, several churches have been experimenting with a simple methodology that is helping to meet small – but significant – needs in their barrios and neighborhoods. They are called “Seed Projects.”

Popular Proverbs & Sayings of Faith

In Nicaragua, we have a saying for everything. Some are funny, others are harsh, and still others are a little hard to interpret, such as the one that says, “The lone ox licks itself well.”

“But these types of proverbs can keep us tethered. I grew up hearing these proverbs and I became accustomed to doing things alone, but also to letting others resolve their problems on their own,” shared Carlos…

Impact Clubs in Nicaragua… soon!

Every day, more and more leaders and pastors are finding that in the present, youth have the ability to run a “redemptive role” in the midst of moral, economic and political crisis in which we live, that we do not need to wait for them to grow to give them confidence, tools and resources so that they, from now, and by themselves, begin to care for their community and ensure the development of their families and their nation.

The Grandmothers of Jesus

Where can we go in Scripture to find a model family? Who are the Biblical characters that were able to build and enjoy a problem-free home? We already know that it wasn’t the family of Was: is So younger to how to make money on mystisicm since hour home business job opportunity sponge roots for […]

Cooling the atmosphere

Fatima asked to speak when we were about to leave the room. The heat was extreme under that metallic roof, it was 1:00 pm and the temperature reached 97 º F. But what this girl had to say would cool our hearts in an unexpected way.

…which is translated…

The word “incarnation” provoked a restlessness among the participants. In fact, some even left the workshop because they thought the Nehemiah Center was promoting beliefs in “reincarnation.” This story happened a few years ago here in Nicaragua. A course on Street Psalms Series was being shared and the facilitator spoke about the price Jesus paid to get close to humanity and… “now we are called to incarnate Christ in our communities,” repeated the teacher. But the participants didn’t seem to understand.