Church Strengthening

The purpose of the Church Strengthening department is to offer pastors and church leaders ways to strengthen and develop spiritual formation within their leadership in order to meet the needs of their congregations and community.

Trauma Healing Circles

Trauma healing circles offer a way for pastors and leaders to not only find healing for themselves but to offer healing to others in their congregation.  The first step is to leave your pain at the cross and invite Christ into the healing journey.  The second step is to be equipped with tools to help others. 

Replenish Ministry

Pastor burnout is increasing in Nicaragua.  Replenish Retreats emphasize the importance of rest and self-care. 

Kingdom Finance

We desire to see financially healthier churches, made up of families and individuals that wisely administer their financial resources and are capable of sharing with those in need and invest their resources in the advancement of the kingdom of God.

In collaboration with the Good Sense Movement, the Kingdom Finance has the resources necessary to teach Nicaraguans in a simple yet effective way that uses Biblical principles to teach financial stewardship.

Preaching Peace

Bringing together pastors and leaders from diverse church denominations to dialogue about relevant topics and responses to critical issues facing the local church in Nicaragua. Each individual brings a unique perspective to the table however the vision and passion is what unifies and brings each person to the table.

Missional Question: How do we preach peace in a context of polarization?