The Nehemiah Center is a community of learning and service that contributes to the formation of leaders and to the continuing training of pastors using a biblical and holistic worldview, and that cultivates local, national, and international collaboration for Christ-centered cultural transformation of communities and nations.

"...During its second decade, the Nehemiah Center has adapted to changing times. But its purpose has remained firm: transforming lives in service to the Lord of all. 'To Be Reborn' is the dramatic story of that ongoing work."

Church Strengthening

The purpose of the Church Strengthening department is to offer pastors and church leaders ways to strengthen and develop spiritual formation within their leadership in order to meet the needs of their congregations and community.
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Holistic Mission

Each day God is kindling a greater interest within the local church, for the preaching and demonstrating a holistic gospel that is committed to the improvement of the quality of life in their neighbourhoods.
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Cross-Cultural Connections

The Nehemiah Center collaborates with organizations and individuals that prepare, equip, and send people into cross-cultural settings that contribute to the health, growth, and holistic mission of the global church.
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