Esteli: A Changing City

Getting to know EstelĂ­ is to connect with a very natural, pleasant, and friendly Nicaragua. Getting to know EstelĂ­ is also to witness the fragility of our ecosystem and our future as a country. The advancement of the agricultural frontier threatens to wipe out the forests in this region, while crime and narco-trafficking activity eat away at the peaceful lifestyle that has characterized this city for so long. The situation is not completely bleak, however. God is doing new things in this city.

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The word “incarnation” provoked a restlessness among the participants. In fact, some even left the workshop because they thought the Nehemiah Center was promoting beliefs in “reincarnation.” This story happened a few years ago here in Nicaragua. A course on Street Psalms Series was being shared and the facilitator spoke about the price Jesus paid to get close to humanity and… “now we are called to incarnate Christ in our communities,” repeated the teacher. But the participants didn’t seem to understand.