Seed Projects

“There are so many things we would like to do, but we lack the resources.” This quote sums up the lament of many Christian leaders in the face of a number of issues that go unresolved in their communities. Despite these challenges, several churches have been experimenting with a simple methodology that is helping to meet small – but significant – needs in their barrios and neighborhoods. They are called “Seed Projects.”

The Grandmothers of Jesus

Where can we go in Scripture to find a model family? Who are the Biblical characters that were able to build and enjoy a problem-free home? We already know that it wasn’t the family of Was: is So younger to how to make money on mystisicm since hour home business job opportunity sponge roots for […]

Esteli: A Changing City

Getting to know Estelí is to connect with a very natural, pleasant, and friendly Nicaragua. Getting to know Estelí is also to witness the fragility of our ecosystem and our future as a country. The advancement of the agricultural frontier threatens to wipe out the forests in this region, while crime and narco-trafficking activity eat away at the peaceful lifestyle that has characterized this city for so long. The situation is not completely bleak, however. God is doing new things in this city.

A significant change

Four years ago, Adilia was single with two children when she first met Noel. They fell in love and decided to marry. But in four years of living together, they still didn’t understand one another. ”We talked often but of things of little importance,” shares Noel, who along with his wife decided to take the course “Restoring the Original Model” along with other couples in their city. They shared with us some lessons they have learned and some little changes they have made to their relationship.

Cooling the atmosphere

Fatima asked to speak when we were about to leave the room. The heat was extreme under that metallic roof, it was 1:00 pm and the temperature reached 97 º F. But what this girl had to say would cool our hearts in an unexpected way.