The Ministry of Resurrection

The Ministry of Resurrection

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Nehemiah Center Blogs

We need to admit that we, who work with the Nehemiah Center, also were disobedient, we also went wrong; we also were seduced and completely deceived by Satan’s strategies in our past lifestyle. We know first hand the miseries of a life away from God and His counsel. The wages of sin is death and we too were dead.
Only through the witness of other Christians and the power of Jesus Christ, we come back to life. Jesus came to our rescue and defeated the powerful death chains that bound our mind and our will. Today we say with conviction that we, like millions of children of God, have risen!
Therefore we are committed to the ministry of the resurrection, because we have seen the progress of our experience through the action of the Spirit in our personal history. The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead has given us a new life.
Perhaps we should feel sorry for the scars that many members of this community have on our skin, scars that tell the sad story of the libertine life that we had before meeting Jesus, but these same newly healed wounds are a living testimony that Christ can transform lives.
Also, we have witnessed how Jesus Christ has resurrected marriages already taken for dead. We have watched with admiration the resurgence of flames in some congregations where already there were only embers. We have seen many young people escaping the clutches of vice and street violence thanks to the courage of those agents of God who have come to them bringing the love of

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God. We have evidence of the life-giving power that the Biblical Worldview principles bring to schools, small businesses and communities.

Therefore we believe that a transformed Nicaragua is a reachable dream by the power of God. We’ll see the glory of God in this country, don’t get tired of believing, don’t get tired of encouraging others to also believe and join the work. Jesus has given the order to remove the stone that prevents our country to get up and walk to their full potential, we must work for it. One day we will also say “Nicaragua is risen!”
“I am the resurrection and the life.
The one who believes in me will live, even though they die…” – Jesus
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