Stories that Encourage

Stories that Encourage

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Many good things are happening, the seed of the Word is sprouting and in many hearts it is already giving fruit! Yet, we only find out about these wonders when someone decides to share them, and what encouragement it brings to a facilitator, teacher, or pastor upon hearing these testimonies! Perhaps that is the reason the apostle Paul encourages the believers to report about their advances, so that the personal joy can become a collective joy. (Galatians 6:6)

In the last few weeks, various people have shared with us the way in which their lives are changing as they apply the principles that have been rediscovered in different encounters and meetings of learning.

Carmen and Ramiro Roa459937_108026775994182_1703404488_o

For more than 20 years, Carmen López and her husband Ramiro have worked as a team in raising their five children, in the different tasks of the church, but also in the development of a small business. Their effort and discipline have allowed them to win over the preference of many car owners that always keep their mechanics, straightening, and painting shop full of people. Due to the quality of their work, the Roa family’s shop has become a point of reference in the city of Leon.

It was a surprise for me to find out that Mrs. Carmen faithfully attends the trainings for small business owners with the program Negocios para el Reino (Businesses for the Kingdom). “She must already know a lot about business,” I thought, “but I have learned many things with the accounting lessons that they have shared with us-she told me-“I have learned new things about customer service, handling incomes, and the importance of assigning myself a salary as a business owner, and even including my daughter who helps me. This small change has allowed us to see our small repair shop more seriously,” she manifested.

Karla CastellónKarla Belen

In the same city of León, but in the community of Sutiava, lives Karla Castellón. This young lady in her twenties was part of the group of leaders that participated for two years in the series of intensive courses Salmos de la Calle (Psalmos of the Streets).

My partners and I feel very grateful because, through this training, that which we considered despicable, the people that we could not relate to, we see them in a different way, and we can get close to them,” she testified.

We have seen how God has been moving slowly, the truth is that that is what the Lord calls us to do, to grow close to those we do not want to be around—like the Jews that did not want to be in the land of Babylon, but there God raised them like a small group of people who worshiped His name,” she added.

What other changes are happening? How is the seed of the Word sprouting? What fruits is it producing? Tell us and publish these stories, for the inspiration of others and the praise of the King of Kings, the author and perfector of the transformation.

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