September 23rd

September 23rd

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Hultner Estrada
Bethany Beachum
“Young men for rent. Will do dangerous jobs.” “Women for rent for night activities.” “Young girls for rent for whatever you choose.”
Does this “menu” surprise you?
Behind these offers operates a well-structured, clandestine network which abducts human beings and then sells them as premium products, goods, or objects.
The trafficking of persons is one of the worst violations of human rights. It is referred to as the slavery of our modern era.
But there remains much to be explained: Who is behind this business? What kind of industry would demand such kind of “goods”? Why has this form of trade been able to evade border and state controls? What is the logic or social philosophy that supports this degrading commerce? And why is Nicaragua considered the top country in Central America to be a “provider of slaves?”
The 23rd of September is commemorated as the International Day of Human Trafficking precisely to talk about these issues, to inform, and to prevent the population from this threat. The day was established by the Conference against Human Trafficking in Dhaka, Bangladesh in January of 1999.
This week, 13 participating churches in the project Combating Human Trafficking, promoted by the Nehemiah Center, are holding informative and preventative workshops in schools, parks, churches, and the streets of León and Chinandega. The idea is to alert and empower the population but also to demonstrate to the Christian community that, as the church, there are many things we can do to offset this crime.
On our part, we want to ask you to join in the prayer chain that these churches are promoting, asking God that justice may shine, that he would train us in his wisdom to fight against this crime effectively, and that, above all, his love would comfort and defend the victims.
A digital version of an informative poster is available here for you to print, hang in your office, and/or share with

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Pictured: The three volunteer promoters that work with the Nehemiah Center in the project Combating Human trafficking in Nicaragua (Claudia Balmaceda, María Luisa Martínez and Ligia Rivera).
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