News Release: New Book Continues Nehemiah Center Story

News Release: New Book Continues Nehemiah Center Story

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The Nehemiah Center, a Christian non-government organization, has just announced the release of a second book about its work transforming lives in both Nicaragua and North America: To Be Reborn by Carol Van Klompenburg. As a sequel to Van Klompenburg’s earlier book, On Mended Wings about the first ten years of the Nehemiah Center, the new volume covers the second decade at the Nehemiah Center.

In 1999, the Nehemiah Center was founded when a group of North American missionaries from different organizations and denominations joined forces with Nicaraguan leaders in a collaborative effort. This community of Christians launched training programs to lead Nicaraguan peple to see what a God-centered society might look like. The training led to changes in lives and marriages, in churches and communities.

Van Klompenburg said that the second volume is not a simple continuation of the first one. “It is a story in which almost everything has changed.” Following a Nicaraguan political crisis with lockdowns, confrontations, and deaths, the Nehemiah Center offered processes for making peace and healing trauma. It trained church leaders to be the hands of Jesus in a hurting world. It offered teaching in Christian principles for marriage and for managing money. It facilitated friendships between North American and Nicaraguan churches, resulting in spiritual growth for both groups.

“The Nicaraguan people are amazing examples of resilience,” said Van Klompenburg. “In the country’s tumultuous history, they have endured natural disasters, war, injustice and poverty—including hurricanes Eta and Iota in 2020. They have not only survived, but they have often found ways to thrive.”

She added that the Nicaraguans’ example has had a profound effect on North Americans who have volunteered for the Nehemiah Center or been part of church friendships between North American and Nicaraguan churches. Following one church friendship, one of the North American church pastors, Andy Baker, moved to Nicaragua to work full-time at the Nehemiah Center.

Joel Huyser, former Nehemiah Center director, commented, “To Be Reborn is well worth reading. Carol Van Klompenburg tells a compelling story of a resilient hope and a faithful God as experienced by flesh-and-blood Christians living in uncertain times.”

Published by The Write Place with offices in Pella, Iowa and in Lakeville, Minnesota, To Be Reborn is available online at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Royalties for all book purchases go to benefit the ongoing work of the Nehemiah Center.

Carol Van Klompenburg, Author of To Be Reborn

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