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All that some young people need to flourish is just a little time dedicated to them from adults.  The story of Emily proves this.

Emily comes from a family of scarce resources and a home broken by the separation of her parents.  As if this weren’t enough, school has not been a satisfactory place for her either.  There she earned the reputation of being a poor student for her below-average grades and her difficulties with learning.
Fortunately, the love of Jesus has reached Emily.  Her youthful smile and hope for a better future have been returning to her since she joined a particular Bible study group.  Beyond just finding spiritual support in the group, she has also found help in facing one of her school nightmares – math class.
“After we talked about the importance of good grades as an expression of our Christian life as it is a means for future prosperity, this girl decided that it was time for a change,” explains Scott McEwan, who, along with his wife Bethany, leads this Bible study group with young girls who come from difficult family situations.  Scott is also a civil engineer and Bethany a teacher by profession.  Both decided to support Emily with her math homework.
“During the week of vacation, Emily arrived to our house each night, walking several kilometers, to study mathematics,” explains Scott, “On one occasion, she even arrived under a downpour,” he adds.
This young girl of 14 years has not only learned to master numbers, but her self-esteem has also improved by realizing that she is capable of solving complex math problems and what’s more, that she likes to do it.  “Emily is now quicker at solving math problems than either I or my wife,” shares Scott.
Recently, Emily fulfilled another of her longings which was to be baptized.  Pictured: Emily after her baptism.  Accompanying her is Pastor Rider Reyes and Scott McEwan
“We pray that the enthusiasm of this girl stays strong and extends itself to her other school subjects as well,” says Scott.  “We also pray that the members of her family wouldn’t discourage her.  This is a cultural problem in Nicarauga.  If someone does something well, it will be praised a little bit.  But if they mess up in something, they are heavily criticized,” he observes.
The Nehemiah Center wants to give thinks to the Lord for the life of Scott and Bethany McEwan and for their passion for serving youth and families that live in difficult contexts.  During the 12 months that they have been serving as volunteer missionaries in our country, they have shared their talents and resources, supporting the work of different programs of the Nehemiah Center and the safe house, Casa Esperanza.
Learn more about the ministry of Scott and Bethany McEwan.  Follow this link:
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