In fights between husband and wife…

In fights between husband and wife…

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“In fights between husband and wife, no one should meddle,” is a phrase that is often used to justify poor relationships in marriages. It is also used to keep acts of inexplicable abuse in secretive silence, making it a difficult task to differentiate between normal behavior and mortal behavior in a relationship between husband and wife.

The network of pastoral couples in Estelí has begun a project that promotes good treatment which included a massive day of “anti-abuse vaccination.” The day began with vaccinating and equipping 14 pastoral couples that are now leading their own vaccination days in their congregations, schools, and communities.

On the same evening of the training, Pastor Pedro López coordinated a vaccination for more than 300 members

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of his congregation. The pastor proclaimed the day as a prophetic act that marked the return to more equal relationships between men and women in Estelí.

The day began with an exposition entitled: “Returning to Good Treatment,” where the preacher proclaimed that, “God created man and woman equal, and he commanded them to have dominion over the earth. Now man and woman need to recognize, respect, and collaborate in this task of achieving God’s good plans. Hurtful behavior is a consequence of the human incapacity to see with clarity the truths of creation. Let’s return to the original plan of God, let’s return to good treatment at all times.”

The exposition concluded with an explanation and invitation to receive the vaccine:

“The anti-abuse vaccine keeps away sickness and brings health to our families and our churches, to our neighborhoods and schools. We call it a vaccination that immunizes us against the epidemic of abuse. We can also call it “eyedrops” that refresh our eyes and sharpen our vision to see the creational and eternal truths that make man and woman worthy of being respected and treated well. By vaccinating ourselves, we are accepting that we were created for good relationships but that we have been contaminated by the epidemic of abuse. We are recognizing that Jesus Christ is our helper in staying away from abuse and choosing good treatment as a way of life.”

Stamped with the signature and fingerprint of the participant, the vaccination card includes a commitment to visibly practice good treatment:

 To treat those

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around one well
 To respect the opinions, tastes, and customs of others
 To listen and state one’s opinion without shouting or treating anyone poorly
 To show affection and manifestations of love and respect to others
 To protect one’s own dignity and integrity as well as that of others
 To improve the coexistence of one’s family and one’s community

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