Better Churches, Better Neighborhoods

Better Churches, Better Neighborhoods

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Nehemiah Center Blogs


Harold Sanchez is the pastor at New Jerusalem Church in one of the most populated neighborhoods in Managua: Villa Venezuela, it is also one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the capital city. “Here there is a lot of drugs, many unoccupied youth, lots of robberies and delinquency” describes Pastor Harold. But in this difficult place, the New Jerusalem Church continues to preach the gospel and be concerned about their community.

Part of their concern is to be a healthier church, Pastor Harold Sanchez along with two key church leaders, have been participating in the “Better Churches 1” workshops. Month after month these pastors and leaders make a complicated journey of 20kms crossing the entire city of Managua to arrive at the Nehemiah Center and participate in the workshops.

These workshops for me have opened my eyes towards a number of different aspects that I didn’t understand well, or that we hadn’t put enough attention to as a church”, explains Pastor Sanchez, “in that way it has been a blessing and welcome it with joy and lots of interest, same with the leadership of the church” added Pastor Sanchez. Pastor Sanchez has been sharing the lessons about Indicators of a healthy church with his team of 12 leaders, using the materials facilitated by the Nehemiah Center.

During a follow-up visit by the Nehemiah Center Facilitating team to New Jerusalem church, we could confirm that the church leadership is indeed fostering a much clearer vision to impact their community. They are gaining more interest in a stronger leadership and a larger commitment to discipleship towards marginalized people in their community.

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