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The Nehemiah Center is a community of learning and service that contributes to the formation of leaders and to the continuing training of pastors using a biblical and holistic worldview, and that cultivates local, national, and international collaboration for Christ-centered cultural transformation of communities and nations.

Our Vision

We see healthy churches, actively growing in holistic mission.

Our Mission

We facilitate opportunities of growth and collaboration for churches and para-church organizations in order to serve them and to strengthen them in holistic mission for the advancement of the Kingdom of God, locally as well as globally.

Church Strengthening

includes Families that Bless, Mission for Transformation and FE

Holistic Missions

includes Kingdom Businesses,Community Development and Education (ACECEN)

Cross-Cultural Exchanges

includes SPIN, Cohort of Missioners, Church Partnerships, Trans-Cultural Missions

Nehemiah Center News

The Nehemiah Center in the Informal Sector

According to the most recent poverty survey in Nicaragua*, 70% of employed Nicaraguans work in the informal sector. This is to say two million people work either for themselves or are sub-employed.

The lack of formal, well-paying Jobs (those which offer a contract, fixed salary, benefits, and social security) has caused the majority of Nicaraguans to create their own businesses or go to the streets to be able to support themselves.

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Digital Literacy

The statistics for “digital illiteracy” in Nicaragua still remain very high. According to the report “Economy of Knowledge in Central America,” our country ranks 131st out of 148 countries in regards to education and access to Information and Communication Technologies. Honduras is in the 99th position on

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Pastor: Care for Your Home

This verse carries a possibly uncomfortable warning: “Care for your home because someone has plans to plunder it.” It is an imperative that puts us on vulnerable terrain and emphasizes our duty to be diligent in guarding and protecting our homes. “This is a sensitive subject,” explains Manuel Largaespada, volunteer facilitator of the Families program, and ..

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Digital Literacy

The statistics for “digital illiteracy” in Nicaragua still remain very high. Despite all of this, many Christian schools are making an extraordinary effort to reduce these statistics of digital illiteracy, helping the next generation to develop the ability to use technological tools.

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